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I have dedicated over four decades of personal study to learning all aspects of the skilled trades from traditional to modern. Whether you're looking for historically correct finishes made from scratch just like the traditional craftsmen did centuries ago, to the most modern technologies, I strive to offer what you want and need to fulfill your desires.

The Process

The process begins by obtaining a clear understanding of your desires and needs, then giving you the information and seasoned advice so you can make informed decisions about your project. In a world of "buy it now", I strive to return to the days of old when the purchase was about what you want, not what happens to be available at the moment.


My philosophy is simply to be a 'craftsman' capable of providing the highest quality service and products. All skilled trades are interwoven, and such can be clearly demonstrated by historical study of the traditional craftsmen who first had to make the tools which they used to ply their trade. The gunmaker was also the blacksmith, the chemist, the woodworker and the silversmith. Not only did he need to know how to select the proper rough cut timber, but also how to forge-weld iron, cast brass, heat treat metals and cook his own finishes. The times may have changed, but I believe that one must earn the title of "craftsman" by demonstrating advanced knowledge in a multiplicity of individual skilled trades.


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